Can religion coexist with science?

It’s contingent on accepting fact over fiction. We have a large part of society that truly believes they do not need to be concerned with the world as it is now—today—here—now.

We have another part of society that believes their religion and god(s) afford them a higher role in society, over those of us that do not subscribe to their religions.

We have another part of society that uses their religion and god(s) as political platform for constituting social order through fear and oppression.

We have another part of society that thinks, since their religion and god(s) are benign (from a contemporary standpoint, due to years of amendments, removing all traces of historical violence ), they can supersede fact with fiction by remaining passive.

We have another part of society that uses religion and god(s) for capital gain through commercialization of hope and fear.

As our knowledge grows, and we get better at sharing our knowledge with each other, in order to refute and disprove facts and fiction, we should discover something more useful—ideally—

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